Institutional investor Wellington Management drew attention to the cryptocurrency

While the critics spend their time trying to predict when the cryptocurrency bubble will burst, others are more far-sighted investors earn real money in cryptocurrency revolution. Recent institutional investor, who noted the potential of digital currencies was the company Wellington Management Co., founded 90 years ago and manages capital for a trillion dollars.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly influencing traditional financial markets. After the launch of futures on bitcoin exchanges CME and CBOE at the end of last year, it became clear that soon, other representatives of the traditional world of Finance will try to benefit from the growing proliferation of digital currencies.

Wellington Management Co is planning to include in some of your cryptocurrency portfolios. These plans, as reported by Bloomberg, said the team of experts that includes market analyst, shares Matthew Lipton (Lipton Matthew) and the head of trading technologies If Saba (Saba Lee).

In preparation for this step, the investment firm upgraded its system to efficiently organise the derivatives trading of bitcoin. The company also began to invest in the organization associated with the cryptocurrency. The report said:

«Team Wellington has already preorienting portfolios thus to benefit from the technology of the blockchain and mining, for example, investing in companies manufacturing electronic components».

Although the report did not mention a specific company, it is most likely that the firm has invested money in stocks AMD and NVIDIA. The shares of these companies in recent years have grown
because of their close relationship with the equipment for mining cryptocurrency. Investing in both companies Wellington demonstrates confidence in the future growth of both companies. However, the firms themselves do not fully share this optimistic attitude. AMD recently said that the decline in demand on the GPU from cryptocurrency miners may have a «significant impact» on its production.

Wellington is well aware of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency and its representatives hinted that access to the markets of bitcoin and altcoins will be very «careful» and it will not happen quickly. Analytics firm seriously studying the markets to understand how exactly you should act in this situation. It seems that the cautious stance of Wellington — the best option for the current state of the industry.

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