Intel will use the blockchain to protect copyright of digital images

Intel has filed a patent application on developing a blockchain system for copyright protection of digital images.

«The technology of the blockchain is used to document and verify the attributes of digital content, svyazannyh with copyright protection. Among these attributes, for example, the ID of the content author that indicates the date the content creation timestamp and tools to detect copying or modifying content,» reads the application, published on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks (USPTO).

The proposed platform uses several types of software for automatic evaluation of the policy settings of copyright for each image even if the photograph was taken from external sources. It then generates a unique identifier for the original content and any modified versions. According to the patent application, this «shadow image».

The application Intel also refers to videos and other types of content, which proposes a more comprehensive system of rights with additional features.Thus, the system allows to work with incomplete projects, including «unstructured» – such as literature with multiple revisions. Thus the content can only be changed in accordance with the parameters of copyright policy.

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