International legal forum «Criptored» will be held March 1 at the center of the blockchain competencies

March 1, the Center blockchain competencies («Blockchain Municipality») will host the first international legal forum «Criptored».

The event will bring together leading experts from different countries (Singapore, Israel, China, Belarus and Kazakhstan) to present and discuss different practices to regulate new financial technologies, and in particular cryptocurrency.

Participation in the Forum will be of interest to lawyers and financiers, and anyone interested in the regulatory mechanisms in the field of new technologies.

To participate in the Forum not only as a guest, but also to offer a report for 10 minutes on one of the key themes: «Capturedate», «Tryptophanase and Blackchancery».

  • In the framework of the block «Capturedate» will discuss the main legal regimes of turnover of the cryptocurrency, the approaches of foreign countries to the assessment of the blockchain and the blockchain products. Will focus on specific countries with a favourable regulatory regime cryptocurrency and be a position related to the integration of Russia into the international space, in legal regulation of cryptocurrency.

  • In the section «Cryptobinary» will focus on the place of cryptocurrencies in the system of money circulation, the prospects for the evaluation of crypto-currencies as a liquid financial instrument, the criteria of legality and illegality of turnover of the cryptocurrency, will be assessed the prospect of the development of the cryptocurrency market from the point of view of financial institutions, startups and users.

  • Panel «Blackchancery» will present an expert assessment of the current blockchain startups, the prospects of legal regulation of blockchain technologies and will develop a common legal position regarding the format of the vision blockchain registries and administrative services based on blockchain registries.

In addition to the business program, March 2, will be organized foresight, where in the working groups for hours will develop projects — forecasts and scenarios the digital future.

In the framework of the forum it is also planned presentation of the laboratory of legal practice competence Center blockchain — Legal Lab, a key task of which is to form professional community that will discuss and implement legal strategy in the field of digital rights.

Participation in the Forum «Criptored» free, but on the basis of the executed application on the website. Additionally will be organized a live broadcast for everyone. Stream will be held on the Forum website and Facebook.

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