Invasion cryptonomicon the blockchain Ethereum

Blockchain Ethereum occupied by the army collector’s seals. As of 1 December, they occupied 5% of all transactions the blockchain, conquering existing and attracting new users.

The developer of Ethereum Boutelou Julien (Julien Bouteloup) wrote on Twitter:

Happy to announce that after many hours of careful study, I finally became the proud owner of a wonderful kitten.

A Reddit user says:

I told him about cryptonatica wife. She immediately created an account Metamask, begged me ETH and now submits a transaction. Prior to this I spent several years unsuccessfully tried to get her to get a purse. It seems that the seals are actively promoting cryptocurrency to the masses.

Suddenly the cats found everywhere, and some idle observer took the trouble to count them: at the end of their calculations was 16 563.

Moreover, they grow and multiply! Until the beginning of next year, the cat army will rise at a rate of 1 kitten zero generation every 15 minutes.

Then, after the conquest of the blockchain generation zero generation will stop and growth will occupy more time.

And it’s not just primitive toys. Each one is unique and each one represents a separate token Ethereum.

In the description on the website of the project reads:

Every cat one of a kind and 100% owned by its owner; it may not be copied, or destroyed. Smart contract contains more than 4 billion of phenotypes (seen right) and genotypes (which is not visible to the naked eye). Because the seals is the tokens, they can be bought and sold, like any cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, the price of the most expensive cat
the cat market was 49.4885 ETH (around $23 000), and the owner of cat #50, a $5 000 offers to sell his kids for $300
(for full access to Metamask). The buyer will receive here such a kid:

They all have a unique genotype and a little different from their parents, which potentially gives them a collectible value. Besides, the kids (on average, about 20 to 30 years old) can learn a lot about genes and how they are inherited.

Perhaps the unexpected success of a simple application will serve as an impetus to launch a large number of infectious and burdensome for a purse of games on the blockchain. In addition, this is a perfect illustration licenzirovanie assets on the blockchain, ranging from cats and ending with commodities and real estate. Increasing efficiency licenzirovanie assets and increase their liquidity, tokenization makes a way even in not particularly technologically advanced business.

And while it is possible to prepare for the invasion of the blockchain dogs, some frogs Pepe, unicorns and the like good.

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