Investors from China are planning to gather in the Crimea mining hardware

Crimean authorities plan to cooperate with businessmen from China, who intend to organize in the Peninsula of the Assembly «equipment for the application of the blockchain». Probably talking about the Assembly ASIC miners or other equipment for mining.

On signing the agreement on cooperation in the framework of the Yalta international economic forum (AMAF) in April, said the Vice-Premier of the region – permanent representative of the Republic under the Russian President Georgi Muradov, the meeting of the organizing Committee of the forum.

«We come out Chinese investors, operating in the field of blockchain, who are heavily. As the first pilot project they want to sign an agreement to build equipment here for blockchain technology. This high-tech electronic equipment that they could collect using the conditions of the Crimean free economic zone», – he said.

Muradov said that the Assembly of such equipment can be organized on the basis of one of the industrial parks, the creation of which is already planned.

During the meeting of the organizing Committee AMAF he proposed to provide for the signing on the sidelines of the forum «international documents on the implementation of these projects», said the press service.

«This could be a Memorandum of cooperation with Chinese investors in the field of blockchain technology,» said Muradov and added that he considers this area of cooperation are important and promising.

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