IOTA plans to create in the capital of Taiwan smart city to smart contracts

The administration of Taipei, capital of Taiwan, announced a collaboration with a team of cryptocurrency IOTA, the developer of the technology Tangle. Together they plan to create a smart city on the technology of distributed registries (DLT) or the blockchain.

The Commissioner of the Department of information technology of the government of Taipei Wei-bin, Li said that the unique technology offered by IOTA, will open the era of «smart cities for the residents of Taipei».

Among the first projects on this platform will be the creation of identity cards for citizens on the basis of the technology Tangle. With the help of a product called «TangleID» it will be possible to prevent identity theft, reduce the risk of fraud during election campaigns, to track the health of the citizens, the history of their diseases, as well as other data necessary for the provision of state services.

The company is already working on a project of the city and on a card Packed with sensors that determine temperature, humidity, light levels and level of air pollution. The aim of the project is to provide citizens with current information about the level of contamination in real time.

Co-founder of IOTA, David Sonsteby believes that this is a major step forward for the adoption of a technology:

«This is not just a theoretical development and a technology ready for real use.»

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