Iran forbade banks to process cryptocurrency transactions

After India and Pakistan, the financial regulator of Iran (CBI) has banned banks and other financial service providers, cryptocurrency transactions.

According to local news Agency IRNA, in the framework of the fight against money laundering and capital flight under the ban of the CBI got the deals that allow you to buy, sell or promote the cryptocurrency.

«Banks, credit institutions and stock exchanges should avoid the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency, and shall not take any action for their promotion, because the digital currency can be used for money laundering, support of terrorism and for payments between the attackers», – said in the announcement of the regulator.

However lately there is info’s that in spite of the warnings of the Central Bank of Iran about the high risks of investments in cryptocurrency and statements about the non-recognition of them as legitimate means for the settlement of the Iranian Post Bank is developing a local cryptocurrency which should test the Ministry of information and communication technologies (ICT).

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