IRS creates a group to investigate violations in the field of cryptocurrency

Federal U.S. internal revenue service (IRS) creates a group of ten people to identify cases of evasion from payment of taxes from the incomes received from operations with cryptocurrencies, as well as unregistered kryptomere operating at the international and local level.

The group will pay particular attention to the services that allows you to exchange digital currency for Fiat, however, is not charged to individuals. Don Fort (Don Fort), head of the criminal investigation of the IRS, said that soon this case will be made public.

«Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be used for tax evasion, and accounts in foreign banks,» explains don the Fort.

The main task facing the staff of tax service is to understand what is blockchain, how to track the stored information and how does the new technology — says Lisa Zarlenga (Lisa Zarlenga), attorney tax law firm Steptoe & Johnson.

It is worth Recalling that in November of 2017, the Federal court of San Francisco adopted a decision instructing the exchange Coinbase to provide the IRS information about customers, the total transaction volume of which in 2013 — 2015 years has exceeded $20 thousand. Coinbase attempts to defend the confidentiality of information about the operations of the clients has helped to limit the disclosure, but not to cancel it.

Advice on taxation of transactions with cryptocurrencies IRS gives with 2014, but in 2015 the tax from such operations was only paid 802. To identify cases of tax evasion, the IRS signed a contract with the blockchain startup Chainalysis that specializiruetsya on combating fraud in the field of cryptocurrencies and the fight against money laundering.

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