Israel will rule the cryptocurrency of the company from the indices

The securities Commission of Israel (the ISA) will temporarily exclude the public companies that own, invest or use of cryptocurrency, from the index of the tel Aviv stock exchange due to high volatility and risk for passive investors who track these indices.

ISA said that this step is being done after there have been significant fluctuations in stock prices while announcements of participation of public companies.

«In some cases, reports of bitcoin has led to a sharp rise in share prices, even before they did the real work. Extreme volatility trading digital currencies is also reflected in trading in these companies, the cost of which grows and falls sharply, sometimes for no apparent reason,» – said the regulator.

Initially, the restriction is imposed only for a year, after which ISA will reassess the situation.

The Commission also noted that in the next few days will be published an interim report on the ICO created in August last year of a Committee that will provide recommendations on control over the activities of fundraising in tokens.

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