Jameson Lopp: cryptocurrency back to people power

Jameson Lopp (Jameson Lopp) — the developer of Bitcoin, BitGo engineer and shipoping — I am sure that crypto currencies returned power to the people who for too long have entrusted their money, investment and transaction banks and financial institutions.

If you look at the recent headlines in the media, we can see how the leaders of financial institutions and banks declared war against the cryptocurrency, after all they are fighting for the preservation of the status quo. But as the price of bitcoin, more and more people are investing in cryptocurrency their faith and money in superior payment technology.

In an interview with leading RT max Kaiser (Max Keiser), Lopp says that the successful development of bitcoin has fundamentally changed the view on banks and money:

«Instead of having to trust third parties, people decided to assert their rule and track everything yourself. Using modern technology, they create protocols and automatiseret trust in each other.»

Today institutional investors are lining up to participate in the launch of futures on bitcoin. But it was not always so. The incredible development of cryptocurrency technology today is the result of a huge amount of trial and error for 30 years.

«In the 80-ies there was an informal group of people who call themselves chiromancie (cypherpunk). It’s a bunch of people who saw the potential of the Internet and new communication technologies, but they also saw dark side».

Community of these cyber revolutionaries predicted future threat from services for supervision and it forced them to begin to develop an encrypted peer-to-peer communication technology. Eventually, all this culminated in the establishment of the blockchain:

«They wanted to implement technologies that enhance privacy on the Internet and in their opinion, the digital money was important for society. For decades, worked for a few generations Shirobokov. But only in 2008 appeared Satoshi with his elegant solution».

Lopp sure that the futures will not lead to the collapse of bitcoin and anyone who tries to do it – fail:

«There is a category of people who believe that futures will bury bitcoin, but I think that anyone who tries to derail, much regret».

According to Loppa, bitcoin can become a unit of measure for all currencies.

«This is just another stage. We still use the dollar as unit of account, but the time will come when we will all be using bitcoin. I think that in a few years there will come an era of gipersalivacia, which some dream».

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