Jamie Dimon still believes in bitcoin

Known for its critical attacks on bitcoin, the head of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) the last couple of months have been pretty quiet. His previous controversial statements began gradually to be forgotten, but this week Jamie spoke again, briefly stating that his opinion of bitcoin and all other public decentralized cryptocurrency has not changed.

«Everyone has their opinion about bitcoin. My attitude remains very skeptical. But, as I said, I openly look at the use of cryptocurrencies in the application of proper control and regulation,» said Dimon in an interview with CNBC.

This statement was the first statement of the Daimon about bitcoin almost after two-month break. A few months ago, he blew the community, calling bitcoin a «Scam» that «costs nothing», as the cryptocurrency can only be «stupid» investors.

In mid-October, Dimon promised not to talk about bitcoin, but it was enough for exactly one day. However, after a short relapse, he decided to go into the shadows and not spoken about bitcoin in the month of November and beginning of December (maybe because of the incredible increase in the price of the cryptocurrency).

«For your words need to answer»

Anyway, but now the Daimon has the opportunity to demonstrate the validity of his pessimistic forecasts and the shorting of bitcoin, as earlier in the week, the CBOE launched futures on bitcoin. However, while it seems unlikely that Dimon or anybody else took any significant short position in the CBOE.

Commenting on the situation, the brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevosses (who are co-founders of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, daily auction price is used as the basis for futures CBOE) advised Daimon to prove his words on the matter:

«We are all waiting for Jamie diamon. For the words you need to answer.»

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