Japan creates unit to fight cybercrime

In connection with the increase in the number of cybercrimes Japan creates a special unit for combating digital fraud. To do this, in Tokyo a common effort of 500 combined analysts and investigators from various branches of the Japanese police and other security services.

It is expected that the new division of law enforcement rationalizarea efforts to combat cybercrime. Thus the authorities hope to better deal with security issues on the Internet.

Crime in cyberspace has become a real problem in Japan. In 2017, there were more than 3 million attempts to steal digital information, which include the hacking of credit cards and cryptocurrency wallets. In total, hackers stole funds worth more than 17 billion yen, which is two times more than in 2016.

In March, a local Agency of the national police announced that 149 related cryptanalytic attacks that occurred last year. In most cases, hackers have gained access to an insecure wallets to store both open and closed keys: ripple (453.5 million yen ), bitcoin (194.4 million yen), ether (5.3 million yen ), and NEM (9.2 million yen ).

The number of attacks reached a peak in June – 41 case. Over the next five months their number was about 20, and in December it was 25 cases. In none of these investigations have not identified the suspects. According to the local newspaper Japan Times, the authorities checked the 16 Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges and found a large number of violations.

While many hackers may have shifted their attention to users of the cryptocurrency, the number of illegal online transfers of the yen and other currencies remains high. In 2017 in Japan was recorded 425 cases.

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