Japan Today: half of the stolen tokens NEM have already been laundered through a darknet

Hackers involved in hacking
Coincheck exchange at the beginning of this year, may have already successfully converted half of the stolen tokens to NEM other digital currency. As reported
Japan Today, the hackers could use the darknet, where law enforcement is difficult to track the stolen bitcoin.

According to experts in the field of cybersecurity, February 7, hackers have created a website on the darknet, which is allowed to trade digital currencies. Selling NEM began immediately, and the data show that transactions are processed on this site, potentially making stolen NEM notracking.

NEM Foundation makes every effort to trace the stolen tokens, mostly by flagging addresses that are used for illegal transactions. The Fund has asked all cryptocurrency exchanges to reject transactions with labeled addresses. The process was just a bit harder for hackers laundering stolen NEM.

Technical Director Japan Digital Design Inc Kusunoki Masanori (Masanori Kusunoki) said:

«It has become clear that we cannot prevent money laundering because all transactions are recorded. Operators of exchanges must enclose a preliminary agreement in respect of the action with the stolen virtual coins».

Message Japan Today appeared after the BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group said earlier this month that its investigations division has successfully tracked down some stolen funds before Coincheck exchange in Vancouver. The company said:

«The BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group will prepare a report based on information collected by the search and analysis of information to provide to law enforcement agencies of Canada and the United States.»

In addition, part of the stolen token with Coincheck NEM was discovered
on Yobit in mid-February. Last week Coincheck beginning
the payment of compensation to the victims of the January burglary – a total of affected users paid $ 420 million.

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