Japan was a closed round table on regulation of the blockchain

Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) has revealed information about the recently held a closed roundtable, which was attended by regulators and Central banks of several countries in a joint research project with the technology of the blockchain. The meeting discussed the opportunities and risks which are open and closed blackany. As confirmed
FSA events were held on 8 and 9 March. In a statement the regulator said:

«At the round table discussed the benefits and risks of the technology of the blockchain. In the framework of this initiative, the FSA is currently conducting a study of the vulnerability of the open block chain and related security issues and their technical implications».

The participants of the round table were representatives of the Central banks of Singapore, Canada and Japan, as well as financial regulators from the UK, Abu Dhabi, France, Hong Kong and Australia. Also the meeting was attended by the scientific staff of the Media lab at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, the University of Tokyo and Keio University.

Among other things, the participants talked about the potential of the blockchain, the protection of users and testing technology. FSA notes that the round table was held in order for the representatives of different countries can share their views on the technology of the blockchain in the framework of the project Multilateral Joint Research
the FSA initiative, launched in 2017, with the aim of stimulating international efforts in the development and implementation of the blockchain.

Although any details of the discussions held during the closed round table, currently not disclosed, may soon be made a statement about the General outcome of the meetings after consultation information with all the participants, according to the FSA.

Japan was and still is one of the centers of development of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Recently a large energy company in Japan, announced that it is testing a payments Network to Lightning, and in the early months of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the country has created
the self-regulatory body.

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