Japanese developer of Ethereum left the project, fearing the illegality of their work

One of the developers of Ethereum Yoshie Hirai left the project, fearing that the Proposal for Amendments (EIP 867) for the standardized format of the return of the lost funds could potentially violate the laws of Japan.

«Some editors EIP carefree attitude to the legal implications of this proposal. I warned them, but that’s all I can do. So I will leave office,» wrote the developer.

In particular, Hirai noted that the proposal could break the law of Japan about «unauthorized Creation of electromagnetic records», which refers to cases of computer fraud, in particular illegal creation data «with the intent to lead to improper management of the Affairs of another person».

Last week, Hirai has blocked the proposal, stating that it violates «the philosophy of Ethereum» – requirements based on the process of adopting the code, as described in detail in the EIP 1. Although he later changed this view, the developer has not abandoned the belief that EIP 867 may violate the laws.

Offer EIP 867 headed by Dan Pilfer from the project Musiconomi, which result in the freezing of funds in the purse Parity lost 16 475 ETH last year.

The proposal of Filter caused disagreements among developers, and some urged the public to take part in the discussion. According to the statement, were adopted, efforts to improve the framework for making code changes.

Prior to departure from the project Hirai was one of six developers of Ethereum with the rights to approve code changes platform. According to GitHub, during his work in the project, he made 5 219 additions – more than any other member of the project.

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