Japanese financial holding SBI launches bitcoin exchange VCTRADE

After a short delay associated with security risks, a Japanese investment holding SBI Holdings announced the launch of cryptocurrency exchanges VCTRADE where you will be trading XRP tokens.

Now the service VCTRADE is only open to users who have pre-registered on the platform in October 2017, it said in a statement. It is expected that it will become available to the General public since July.

According to SBI statement, initially VCTRADE will provide services for trade tokens XRP Ripple. Later the exchange will add support for bitcoin and bitchesa, but when it happens it does not.

The decision to start trading XRP is due to the collaboration with SBI Holdings Ripple: companies developing solutions for the implementation of international payments based on the technology of the blockchain.

In October 2016, SBI Holdings has opened a market-oriented digital asset unit to launch first in Japan, fully backed by a major financial institution of the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

In September of 2017, the platform received a license from the financial services Agency (FSA) of Japan, but in February 2018 has announced that the opening will be delayed due to security problems amid hacking Coincheck.

Initially to start VCTRADE SBI Holdings planned to raise the technological and financial resources Huobi, but in March, the company announced the termination of relations with this exchange.

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