Japanese GMO in August will launch the service cloud of mining

The Japanese Corporation, GMO Internet has announced the launch of its service cloud of mining is scheduled for August.

Last autumn, the company said on investing «tens of millions of dollars» division of mining to create the necessary infrastructure. On the service of cloud mining customers will be able to purchase hashing power and receive a fee, net of commissions.

February 9, the representatives of the GMO said that since March the company will begin holding a series of events to attract interest in the new service. Although the exact location of the data center GMO is unknown, it is assumed that the object is located in Northern Europe.

«We have already received requests for cloud mining, so from March 2018 GMO Internet, will begin holding informational meetings in 9 cities to advise companies that have declared their intention to participate in cloud mining,» — said in a statement.

In GMO also noted that «previously» the launch of service is planned for August this year. It is noteworthy that the organization will use some of the tokens produced on the subject in its cryptocurrency exchanges GMO «in order to increase the diversification and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.»

The Tokyo-based company has made several statements related to the technology in recent months. In December it was announced that the GMO will pay part of the salaries in bitcoins, and in October the company announced
KYC project based on blockchain created for use by banks to verify the identity of new customers.

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