Japanese GMO Internet developed the 12 nm chips for mining

The largest Japanese telecommunications provider GMO Internet Inc announced the successful creation of 12 nm Fin FET Compact (FFC) – ASIC chip for next generation of miners. The company described the innovation as an important step on the path to a more productive 7-nanometer devices, announced in September last year.

At the same GMO, stated that it did not intend to sell the finished device with FFC 12 nm chips, they will serve only test instances in the optimization of the development process 7 nm ASIC chips.

GMO Internet, headquartered in Tokyo, consists of more than 60 individual companies based in 10 countries. First, the company announced its entry into the cryptocurrency industry in September 2016.

GMO Internet expressed the desire to support infrastructure, mining, cryptocurrency describing the scope as including «a new universal currency.» Today, the company manages mining-centre for renewable energy sources, located in Northern Europe, and aims to develop and implement «next generation of chips for mining bitcoin in the first half of 2018.»

In addition, GMO Internet has announced the launch of «the official version of the blockchain cloud Z.com». It is described as the «blockchain platform, the type of PaaS, allowing users to create distributed applications based on Ethereum». Beta testing of the project began in 2016.

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