Japanese Kumamoto Energy company uses solar power for mining

Japanese Kumamoto Energy company, producer and supplier of electricity from Kumamoto city, began to use solar energy for mining. The company is also associated with Take Energy Corporation Co Ltd is the largest Corporation operating solar power plants in the Prefecture.

Activities daughter Kumamoto-Energy, OZ Mining aimed at effective use of the surplus of electricity produced mining farms.

OZ Mining on a regular basis acquires electricity from Kumamoto-Energy at a price of ¥ 10-19 per kW, depending on the zone of delivery, contract conditions and season, and establishes a mining farm where there is available energy and, depending on the needs of the customers.

Mining is often criticized for a waste of electricity: cryptogamia industry absorbs the power plant and will grow exponentially, while most of the electricity on earth is not to be used for minting. In particular, we are talking about bitcoin mining, which consumes more energy than some countries, which will lead to environmental disaster if not stopped.

However, the initiative Kumamoto-Energy proves that thanks to the digital assets and renewable sources, it is possible to approach environmental future.

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