Japanese police received 669 reports of money laundering through crypto-currencies

Recently Japanese investigators said that they received 669 reports of «possible money laundering» related to cryptocurrency transactions at the local trading platforms. Available data cover transactions made from April to December 2017. According to regional reports, the data came from «reports of transactions with digital currency», which are required to provide all licensed exchange operating in the country in accordance with existing laws AML/KYC.

According to Nikkei Asia Review, law enforcement agencies argue that the consideration of the transaction over this period was due to «questionable translation, repeated over a short period of time.»

The news follows the recent hacking
exchange Coincheck, which resulted in the theft of cryptocurrency NEM 530 million dollars. Coincheck is not among the 16 licensed stock exchanges in Japan and expected to receive a license at the time of the burglary.

Law enforcement agencies also said that the number of possible cases of money laundering through crypto-currency transactions decreased in comparison with the same indicator for the year 2016. In 2017 the total number of alleged violations of the rules of AML/KYC was 400 043 case 1 048 cases less than a year earlier.

In addition, the Japanese police Agency said that a large part of the transaction reports received from banks and other financial companies — these companies reported 346 595 cases. Credit card issuers and local credit unions reported to the police on 28 707 cases.

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