JD.com launches blockchain platform based on the concept of BaaS

Chinese giant e-Commerce JD.com published a White paper, which detailed the company’s plans regarding the new blockchain. The document was prepared by the centre for the development and implementation of the blockchain of the company. The plan describes the different areas that the company wants to develop by launching its new platform based on the concept of BaaS (the blockchain-as-a-service – the blockchain as a service).

JD BaaS platform provides tools for developing applications in such areas as data tracking the supply chain; government services (government taxation and authentication of donations); financial settlement and limitirovanie securities; fraud prevention in the insurance and security of big data.

«JD is actively developing and expanding its own platform BaaS, to enable the government, logistics industry, financial institutions and other businesses to start applications on the blockchain».

Release of this document follows previous announcements JD.com concerning the industry of the blockchain. Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of blockchain-based system for tracking beef imports from Australia. In addition, the company recently initiated a program accelerator blockchain startups, to help new companies scale their applications by integrating with business areas JD.

JD is not the only Chinese company that is actively developing blockchain. Recently, we reported that Chinese Internet giant Baidu has also launched
blockchain platform.

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