Jolyy: A Decentralized Beauty Platform for Cosmetic Aficionados

The beauty industry is one of the most growing niches all over the world since many people cherish the value that good looks bestow on them. Unfortunately, there are numerous weaknesses curtailing this industry from expanding to its maximum potential.

A closer look at the industry shows that only big beauty firms with huge advertisement budgets are the ones succeeding. Smaller franchises, on the other hand, languish in low sales and a wanting customer base. Consumers too face challenges of their own while looking for a beauty service. They have to make long phone calls to inquire about a new hairstyle, how much it costs, and how long it takes before they can book a slot. This is pretty tiresome, expensive and time-consuming. But this might soon change as one platform, Jolyy has set out to make things better.

Jolyy is a decentralized beauty platform that brings cosmetic product manufacturers, beauticians, and users, together in a closed environment. In this ecosystem, beauty parlors can talk directly to cosmetic companies; the companies can talk to end users who as well can talk to their beauty experts. It’s a complete circle; a closed environment that aims at improving services while cutting down the costs.

Jolyy doesn’t own any beauty products. It’s simply a booking platform which has been enhanced by incorporating the blockchain technology into its services. Like cryptocurrencies are doing to the traditional financial markets, Jolyy too aims at disrupting the old-fashioned beauty booking platforms by introducing innovative and highly effective booking services.

For so long, beauty market has lacked secure and reliable systems to work with. There are so many flaws some of which include high commissions, money reversals and failure to deliver the product. With the introduction of altcoins and the underlying blockchain technology, all the parties within the beauty ecosystem stand to benefit a lot.

Delayed payments is another key issue Jolyy looks at solving. Latest booking platforms can take days, weeks and month tops just to release the money. This is a turn off to most people who prefer faster transactions or just need money to pump back into their businesses. With this blockchain powered booking agency, payments will happen within minutes, and there will be no charges levied for both parties.

There is also the issue of non-commitment when you deal with ordinary booking agencies. Their goal is to bring in new clients, so they can bag a sizable commission. They are not interested in repeat clients or help businesses retain the ones they already have. This is why such companies do well with salons located in huge centers that attract many people including tourist attraction. Jolyy, on the other hand, works with salons of all caliber and helps them retain their client base by providing a well-knit environment.

Jolyy works with a salon’s schedule. They don’t allow overbooking or booking a timeframe that has already been allocated to someone else. Once a client has been allocated a certain time, it’s removed from empty slots so there are no double bookings.

How Jolyy platform works

When a customer is looking for a beauty parlor, they will visit Jolyy’s website or mobile app, flip through the available salons and pick the one they like. There is also an option of typing the name of the best beauty salon instead of rummaging through the entire list. Filters such as location, distance, used products, price, rating, discount, and others will be there to help anyone get exactly the salon they want.

The style and services offered by each salon will also be listed so one doesn’t have to select a certain salon and fail to find the services they were looking for. The moment one gets what they like, all that remains is to click on the service, check the available hours and book.

Once someone has selected a salon, the managing team will get a push notification (usually on their app) with details of the client and the time booked. This is very convenient for both parties, without any need for unnecessary phone calls.

Mode of payment

All payments will happen online through PayPal, bank card, JOY token and a few others. Once the customer places an order, a contract will be initiated on the blockchain rather than a cash payment. The customer can then walk over to the salon, get worked on and even order an extra service. When the job is done, the salon owner will demand payment whereupon the customer has to confirm for the release to happen.

If the beauty experts got paid in terms of JOY tokens, they can keep them or use some to buy stuff from cosmetic manufacturers within the ecosystem. Those who wish to turn them into real money can walk to the nearest ATM and use the cards which Jolyy will give them. In order to receive payment in JOY Tokens or cryptocurrencies, the business should create a wallet.

Jolyy Live

What would be the essence of bringing people together if they can’t interact? Jolyy live is the Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Instagram of Jolyy followers. Through this medium, users will be able to share posts, like and comment on whatever pleases them. Here they can ask any question or follow the person or salon they like. There will be a chance to see the most liked or trending topics of the day, week or month.

Through Jolyy Live, users will be able to know some of the trending styles, both locally and internationally. Beauty experts will also get a chance to sell themselves to the community as well as get feedback on the quality of their services. Advertising will be allowed, and this is one place where JOY tokens will come in handy.

Jolyy Store

This will be a store of beauty products reserved for Jolyy beauticians only. This will give smaller companies the opportunity to market themselves without spending a dime. There will be a direct link connecting them to customers. Established companies will also find this blockchain enabled booking platform to be a cost saver.

When a delivery has been made, payments will be processed via smart contracts on the blockchain. After a specified time (a day, two or a week) the money will be released to the cosmetic company in the form of JOY tokens which they can choose to swap with fiat currency or use it for advertising on the website.

Businesses will be able to market themselves without the need to engage in expensive advertising campaigns. Clients, on the other hands, will be able to get excellent services from salons of their choice.

Jolyy is the way to go for those who are looking for smart solutions to their beauty business ventures. The first version of the platform has already attracted a wide following, albeit its novelty in the industry. As the team experts work on the “beta” version, all the beauty stakeholders are guaranteed to benefit a lot from this modern day, blockchain-powered booking platform.


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