JPMorgan tested the placement of debt on the blockchain

Bank holding company JPMorgan Chase in conjunction with commercial Bank National Bank of Canada, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Pfizer, Legg Mason Western Asset Inc»s and other major companies, conducted a test blockchain platform aimed at improving the process of issuing debt obligations.

During the test on the platform duplicated registration Deposit dollar certificate for $ 150 million, which in that day was decorated in the National Bank of Canada.

According to senior Vice-President National Bank of Canada on the blockchain David Furlong (David Furlong), the technology of the blockchain «carries the potential to change the financial services industry».

To create a new platform based on the blockchain Quorum, which is also developed by JPMorgan, took over a year.

Blockchain Quorum was established in 2016 in the form of a corporate version of Ethereum. Later, in October 2017, was added to the ZSL technology, which is borrowed from the anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for.

Now at JPMorgan consider to make Quorum independent company, because the project was so successful enterprise platform that has grown beyond provide them with financial services.

In Bank have confirmed this information, but said that while early to speak about something specific, as discussion on the project is at initial stage. However, the project has already interested many financial institutions.

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