Kazakhstan plans to transfer the grain trade on the blockchain

Transfer the grain trade on the technology of the blockchain in Kazakhstan is planned in March, but in practice it turned out that the introduction of new technology involves a number of technical features which promise to solve in a short time and to start the system in may.

Kazakh farmers and the innovation is not directly affected. They will continue to sell grain using electronic receipts as before. Now, however, all transactions with grain will be more transparent. To improve the transparency of agricultural receipts. This should increase the level of trust on the part of insurance companies, which in turn will lead to new industry lenders and investors, the initiators of the introduction of new technology. The objective of all this chain of relationships is to make the industry more attractive for long and cheap money.

«Today a draft order on introducing amendments to the so-called «Rules of formation and maintaining the state register of holders of electronic grain receipts» has been coordinated in a number of departments, leaving only the agreement with the Ministry for investment and development of Kazakhstan. After him will only have registration with the justice Ministry. That is, in may, we need to work out the first operation. Yes, a little behind schedule due to various reasons, but it does not matter. Importantly, the instrument work and was useful,» — said the expert of Information and registration centers Azamat Kurmanov.

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