Kibo Lotto to Decentralize Online Gaming by Implementing over 16 Smart Contracts

The gaming sector makes up for a huge chunk of the entertainment industry. Among them, the online MMORPG, Card and Casino games are some of the most widely played games. Blockchain technology is making inroads into the industry, especially when it comes to online casino platforms, as it is capable of solving the trust issues surrounding the game outcomes and handling of funds.

Kibo Lotto has introduced a decentralized gaming platform that makes use of smart contracts technology in every aspect of lotto gaming process. The concept, first introduced over a year ago has now become a reality. The team behind Kibo Lotto has turned the platform into a reality after working through a variety of solutions, by leveraging on their previous experience and understanding of the market.

With the creation of the platform, Kibo Lotto is on the verge of becoming the first gaming platform to revolutionize the multibillion-dollar industry by getting rid of various shortcomings plaguing the lottery sector which has over hundreds of millions of users across the world.

The Kibo Platform has been extensively tested over a period of two months – through July and August 2017. Created using the Ethereum protocol, the trials were conducted over testnet with the involvement of over 1000 participants. Following the successful trials, the platform will soon move to mainnet – officially open to the public.

In order to implement smart contracts into every aspect of the lotto game, the Kibo Platform team has carefully studied various aspects of the process, forming the logic behind the functioning and implementing the same over Ethereum blockchain.

Kobo Lotto has designed the platform to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the industry. The scalable infrastructure combined with user-friendly interface – powered by a total of 16 smart contracts comes together to ensure an entirely decentralized solution to support clients, partners, and administrative functions.

Those interested to know more about the platform can check the history of proxy contract’s operations that was part of the recently concluded test at –

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