KKH «Kalinovo» sell 200 trees for the cryptocurrency

In the farm «Ecosystem of Kalinovo» with the payment in the colony and cryptocurrency ordered about two hundred Christmas trees, said the farmer and cryptocurrency enthusiast Mikhail Shlyapnikov on his Facebook page.

According to him, the demand and orders for Christmas trees from the nursery KKH «Kalinovo» today exceeded the similar demand for rubles.

«About two hundreds of festive trees, with all sorts of documents, waybills, receipts and certificates have been ordered for transportation in Moscow and partially pre-paid with the use of the colony and dixonthe token kolionPlus,» he says.

Shlyapnikov recalls that, like last year, the transactions will be accomplished between cryptocephalinae on smartphones buyer and seller in real time, in the snow, after chopping wood.

«For every Christmas tree purchased for the crypt, attached a regular ornament in the form of our lucky charm – original old, good print Colin, sample 2014, is now prohibited for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation», – says the hatters.

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