Korean SK Telecom is launching a blockchain-based platform for user authentication

South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom is launching a blockchain-based platform for authentication of clients and initiates the establishment of a centre for companies looking to attract investment via the ICO.

According to the publication Zdnet, the telecommunications giant is a subsidiary of a diversified holding SK Group is developing a system to simplify user subscriptions and payments.

According to representatives of the units responsible for implementation of blockchain, the platform can send the data on nonfinancial assets and ensure the transparency of running processes.

The authors of the project expect that the service will allow users to manage Bank accounts, credit cards and other financial assets, including crypto-currencies, and make trust-based transaction.

Another initiative launched by SK Telecom in the field of using the technology of the blockchain – Token Exchange Hub – the administrative and technology center for companies that plan to raise funds with the help of ICO.

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