Krasnoyarsk Prosecutor’s office banned the sale ads for the cryptocurrency

Krasnoyarsk Prosecutor’s office does not allow local residents to sell the land and machines for the cryptocurrency. In January, the Internet auction there were ads on the sale of land and the car in bitcoin, which according to the prosecution, contrary to the law.

«The process of issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies are decentralized, the possibility of its regulation is missing. The second feature of the use of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity of their users. These circumstances led to the active use of cryptocurrencies in crime and their involvement in schemes aimed at the legalization of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism», – said in a Supervisory Agency.

Prosecutors had asked the owners of the online auction to eliminate the found violations.

«Selling for bitcoin at the auction is prohibited and in principle is impossible, we have to specify only in rubles, – says the representative of the auction Elena Novikova. – We are talking about a few ads, where the author, in addition to the fixed amount in rubles, offered exchange for money. These ads were unpublished. We encourage all sellers to be careful and avoid the offers associated with any cryptocurrency».

If a cryptocurrency is really illegal according to the Russian legislation, the prohibition of exchange transactions between individuals still need to prove, as no direct prohibition of transactions with cryptocurrencies. no definition of cryptocurrency in Russian law at the moment does not exist.

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