Krasnoyarsk UNIVERSITY will create a platform for the exchange of scientific data on the blockchain

From the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Federal University became aware that there are going to start the system for the exchange of scientific information among its owners. The system will work based on the technology of the blockchain and will help to protect copyrights.

According to Krasnoyarsk programmers, this system of copyright protection could in the future become an independent cryptocurrency. The project staff of SFU won the tender to create a «digital platform for exchange of knowledge and management of copyright» Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

According to the plans of developers, the system will help to collect the objects of copyright that were created in universities, and provide their turnover on the basis of technology of the blockchain.

The basis of this system lie in new forms of presentation of the results of intellectual activity in the digital environment, such as drawings, diagrams, 2D and 3D models, formulas, descriptions of the genetic structures.

«They now account for the growth in the number of informal transactions — turnover of objects of intellectual property outside the existing legal field. This happens in the scientific and educational community,» — said the Director of the library and publishing complex SFU Ruslan Baryshev.

The owner places the object right on the digital platform, and it is fixed right behind him almost instantly. Such a decentralized infrastructure of the project will allow to establish paternity and to access the content.

On the platform can capture the copyright and to Deposit the objects by setting the status of the copyright. For example, Russian authors ‘ society, the Deposit of the results of intellectual activities is about 15 thousand rubles.

On the platform will be provided by the search system, the exchange of objects between students, teachers and scientists in leading institutions. The platform will also combine the storage of research libraries of universities.

The scheme of this platform will be constructed in the following way: the universities establish a specialized program that will enable the University to become part of a new digital copyright space. Researchers and scientists will contribute their works to the system and to negotiate the terms of its use. Such smart contracts have long been used in commercial transactions for the cryptocurrency market.

«Three months will be fully approved model of the system, but it is now clear that in 2018, the universities will start to run these technologies on their servers,» said Ruslan Baryshev.

According to the developers, the project is for three years and includes six stages. To implement a copyright system based on the blockchain is scheduled for the 2019-2020 year.

In November Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk Universities have led the fight against scientific piracy at the expense of open access to their libraries.

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