Leningrad Governor Openly Welcomes Bitcoin Miners

It is evident Russia is a peculiar country when it comes to cryptocurrency. More specifically, there are plenty of conflicting reports when it comes to Bitcoin. Leningrad governor Alexander Drozdenko is publicly inviting mining operators to set up shop in the region. They will also gain access to the local Nuclear Power Plant. A very interesting development, although it remains to be seen how things will play out.

It is highly doubtful the Russian government will ever embrace Bitcoin. That doesn’t mean all officials oppose this concept, though. The governor of Leningrad, for example, is rather open-minded when it comes to cryptocurrency. In fact, he extended a public invitation to all mining operators in the country. They are allowed to set up shop in the province without any repercussions. Moreover, they will be able to tap into the nuclear power plant for electricity purposes. That is quite an interesting development, to say the least.

Leningrad Takes an Interesting Stance on Bitcoin

It is evident Bitcoin will continue to make a lot of headlines in Russia. Not everyone sees eye-to-eye in this regard by any means, though. Some officials would rather ban Bitcoin altogether, although it may be too late to do so. More specially, various service providers already accept Bitcoin payments as we speak. Turning back the clock will be pretty much impossible in this regard.  Fully embracing cryptocurrency may not be the best option either.

Mining Bitcoin requires large amounts of electricity. There is dedicated hardware involved which takes up a lot of space. It is evident this new nuclear power plant in Leningrad can play a big role in the process. With its cheap access to electricity, it is definitely worth considering. LMPP-2 is currently in the process of being completed as we speak. Once the project is fully ready, Bitcoin miners are more than welcome to reap the benefits. That is, assuming anyone will take up the governor up on this offer.

All this creates another interesting plot twist for cryptocurrency in Russia. While Leningrad is seemingly open to Bitcoin mining, other regions will not necessarily follow. Bitcoin can bring some big changes to the Russian economy moving forward. However, it also poses some new risks which need to be addressed first and foremost. Regulation of cryptocurrencies will come to Russia in one way or another. It is unclear if this will affect future mining operations in Leningrad, though.

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