Libra launches the application for the audit of cryptocurrency companies

Blockchain-a platform for integration of reporting and analysis Libra started the application audit for corporate firms and stock exchanges, which deal with digital assets. Crypto Office performs reporting, while producing operational and financial analysis and control.

According to the developers, with the introduction of Crypto Office, they will continue industry efforts to improve transparency, accuracy and compliance.

According to Libra, she is already working with two companies whose activity is connected with a large number of transactions and cryptocurrency transactions, such as Shapeshift and XBTO. Earlier Libra announced it has raised $7.8 million investment in phase financing «A» series.

Libra has started its activity with the project of cryptocurrency tool for accounting in 2014. The company provided a blockchain-based platform to multiple public networks, exchanges and wallets – it provided an opportunity for individuals and organizations to handle accounts and tax calculations in accordance with regulatory requirements in real time.

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