Litecoin for the week increased by 300%: what next?

From 8 December, the price of litecoin started to gain momentum. Starting with $90, the price quickly exceeded the mark of $ 100, reaching $160, for a while he lay down in the sideways trend between levels 130 and $ 150. After this began a new wave of explosive growth, which is currently stayed around $300, and on some exchanges is much higher.

Not to mention the fact that the increase coincided with the beginning of futures trading on bitcoin at the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE). Only on the rate of litecoin has increased by 73% and reached $380, and the exchange GDAX price exceeded $ 420. This historic highs for the entire seven-year history of litecoin. A whole week litecoin increased 3.5 times, and with the beginning of the year showed an increase of more than 100 times, beating all the major cryptocurrency growth.

Even the Creator of litecoin, Charlie Lee was amazed at such a rapid rise and warned on his Twitter that he will inevitably be followed by rollback.

There is speculation that the role was played by the problems with the withdrawal on the exchange Bitfinex. Users transferred their funds into litecoin, as they could quickly withdraw from the stock exchange, whereas bitcoin payments and esters has been delayed.

However, this is only one suggestion, as increased and other basic oldoini. The historical maximum has updated and ether, which took the country to 600 dollars. Grow and other oldoini, including ZEC and Monero. Particularly impressive growth was in the XMR, the price is also closer to $300, and capitalization to $4.5 billion. Many exchanges, including Coinbase and Bitfinex, has suspended trading on these cryptocurrencies.

Today there is yet unconfirmed information that the exchange CME and the CBOE in addition to futures on bitcoin considering the introduction of similar contracts for litecoin and ether. And this can lead them to new heights.

On 12 December, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is very close to 500 billion dollars, but today there is a small correction. Perhaps the next historical record of half a trillion dollars will be surpassed this week.

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