Lithuania’s Central Bank in 2018 will release digital collector’s coin

Lithuania’s Central Bank announced the intention to release «one of a kind digital collector coin this year» on the basis of technology of the blockchain or its equivalent.

«This is a great way to celebrate the centenary of the restoration of the statehood of Lithuania, which we celebrate this year, and demonstrate to the world that we are a progressive, innovative country, always open to new ideas. Releasing collectible digital coin, Lithuania was the first to reach a new level in numismatics» – said a member of the Board of the Central Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas.

To select the basic technology and specific solutions for the implementation of the project in may, the Central Bank of Lithuania organizes hackathon, which will bring together tech companies and it professionals from around the world. Thereafter, the Bank will finalize the release date of the coin and its face value.

«We expected difficulties, but I hope breaking them, to bring our project to life before the end of 2018,» – said the representative of the Central Bank.

The Board of the Bank of Lithuania has decided to include the project of creation of the digital collection of coins in the official plan of the Bank of Lithuania to issue numismatic items in 2018.

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