London area CoinfloorEX launch futures on bitcoin

London cryptocarya exchange Coinfloor announced that her daughter CoinfloorEX will launch futures contracts for bitcoin to be implemented in terms of physical calculations – that is, all payments on the contract termination will be made in bitcoin. The launch of the first contract scheduled in April.

According to one of the founders Mark lamb of Coinfloor exchange CoinfloorEX mostly focused on hedge funds, private trading firms and representatives of the mining industry.

«All those who provide the liquidity in the market, you want to futures contracts on the bitcoin, but with physical settlement (delivery contracts), which will allow hedging on the exchanges,» he said.

Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME) offers futures on bitcoin since December last year, but they provide for payments in Fiat currency, which means that in fact the cryptocurrency is not involved in the calculations.

Many traders and large investors expressed concern about the fact that futures with settlement in Fiat can be easily manipulated, as unscrupulous parties may try to move a price index or auction on the stock exchanges, which set the futures prices in their favor.

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