Lottoland lottery launches bitcoin jackpot 1,000 BTC

Gibraltar-based Lottoland company announced the launch of the lottery, Bitcoin Lotto, jackpot which is 1000 BTC (about $17 million at the time of publication). Lottery will be held in Ireland, the lottery will take place every day except Sunday.

Lottery based on a lottery 6 of 49 rules which players simply choose six numbers from 1 to 49. Participants have to pay 3.50 euros for participating in the raffle.

«We are pleased to announce the release of this exclusive lottery product in the world. 1000 BTC worth over 14 million euros today, but tomorrow can cost twice as much. Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and Lottoland gives customers the opportunity to participate in their raffle,» said CEO Nigel Birrel.

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