Malaysian tax office has frozen the accounts of the crypto currency exchange Luno

Registered in London cryptocurrency exchange Luno reported problems with the tax service Malaysia – January 13, the internal revenue service of Malaysia (IRB) has frozen her account at a local Bank.

Established in 2013, the Luno provides services for cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK and 35 countries. According to representatives of stock exchanges, the IRB is investigating the case, which is associated with tax evasion users of the exchange.

«Under this IRB requested to provide information about all of our Malaysian clients: identification, deposits, withdrawals and transactions,» – said in Luno.

Luno Malaysian users still have the ability to exchange bitcoins and esters at the national Fiat currency.

«All your money in the local and digital currencies are secure, and access to services is provided in full,» – said the company, stressing that its customers responsibility to pay taxes.

Luno explains that they work closely with banks and IRB as soon as possible to resolve the situation.

«According to our company policy regarding the protection of confidential information, we will provide our customer’s personal information only in the case if we oblige the law,» according to the exchange.

Problems in Luno emerged shortly after the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) has published a bill to regulate the cryptocurrency, which requires operating in the region companies and citizens. Special attention should be paid to the rules of KYC/AML.

«The public are reminded that digital currencies are not legal tender in Malaysia,» said BNM.

Trading platform Luno, which owns a relatively small trading volume for the Malaysian market of cryptocurrency, became the first victim of the intervention of the regulator.

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