Manufacturer cryptomite adds Lamassu Bitcoin Cash

A reputed manufacturer of cryptomate Lamassu announces support for Bitcoin Cash. The company was founded by two brothers, Zach and Johnm Harvey, in 2013. According to the map location around the world distributed about 268 cryptomate Lamassu.

«Transactions with Bitcoin Cash is now available on the Lamassu machines,» says Lamassu on Twitter.

Bitcoin Cash already available on cryptomath from the company Bitcoinplug. According to the company, BCH were integrated into 21 cryptomath in Los Angeles.

Service provider in the field of bitcoin and blockchain General Bytes is also at the stage of implementation of the BCH in their cryptomate:

«We are working on adding official support for all ATMs, but I want to thoroughly test everything before the release».

When all three of the company Bitcoinplug, General Bytes and Lamassu – introduce Bitcoin to Cash, more than 1,300 cryptomate worldwide will be upgraded to support transactions BCH.

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