Mark Karpeles returned to the cryptocurrency industry

Mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles), former President of the now defunct exchange Mt. Gox, began working on a new post related to the cryptocurrency. American Corporation London Trust Media Karpeles hired for the position of chief technical officer (CTO). It is reported that a company located in Denver, is the largest VPN provider in the world. The news was confirmed by the message sent Karpeles in Fortune, in which he admitted that his main job at the moment.

London Trust Media is actively involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The company was an early investor zcash for and invest in Purse, a startup that allows customers to shop on Amazon with bitcoin. The sight of the company on the world of cryptocurrency may have been the reason for the recruitment of Mark Karpeles. This decision is commented Andrew Lee, co-founder and Chairman of the company. He described Karpeles as a professional with extensive experience. He further said that, despite the difficulties faced by Karpeles, he still is a «hard nut to crack» and is of value to the organization.

Mark Karpeles was in the midst of a legal tornado after the break Mt. Gox, which led to the bankruptcy
platform in 2014. He was arrested by the Japanese authorities in 2015, but released on bail. Under the terms of his release, Karpeles needs to stay in Japan, so his new position, he will work remotely. By his own admission Karpeles, in recent years, he was forced to work in various fields, such as online games, IP services and network communication.

Despite the fact that since the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox was more than a year, the infamous stock exchange and its former CEO leave the headers industrial media. In December last year, the MtGox creditors filed
a petition to the court to change the status of the bankruptcy case for «civil rehabilitation», which will allow them to obtain payment of their funds in bitcoin, not Japanese yen.

In addition, Karpeles has recently and repeatedly apologized for its role in the bankruptcy of the exchanges in 2014, noting that he «never thought it would end this way, and endlessly apologizing for what happened.» Shortly thereafter, Karpeles said
about his aversion to bitcoin, admitting that he no longer owns any cryptocurrency. He also said it has no plans in the near future to work in the cryptocurrency industry. However, it seems that he changed his mind.



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