is preparing to launch ICO

Sponsored content, decentralized secure storage, transmission and distribution of data, preparing to start sales of the tokens. ICO will start on April 16 and will last 6 weeks until 27 may 2018.

Along with the rapid growth in the popularity of cloud storage – in both the private and business sector, there are growing risks associated with leakage or data loss. At the moment on the market there is a shortage of solutions that would combine the perspectives of a distributed registry, quality encryption, stability and affordable price. Public services unsafe: information is stored centrally and, as a rule, is not encrypted. Private decentralized services are quite expensive and not always reliable: until now, to embed data, use the power of the private PC.

Experts project a new approach to the creation of a reliable and affordable decentralized cloud service. offers proven performers, the newest data protection technologies, flexible pricing system, the anonymity, the absence of intermediaries and benefit of all participants.

Data storage will be engaged in a major hosting providers. This will provide fault tolerance, high-speed operation and the required security level: professional equipment is regularly tested and is better protected from attacks, exposure to malware and failure. To be eligible to work in the system, the Contractor (in this case, the hosting provider) makes a damage Deposit of MASP tokens that will be issued in the framework of the ICO project. When you log out, the Deposit is returned.

The customer pays only for the actual amount of data and retention period. He can choose from several proposals, taking into account as the most favorable price and rating By. The data is stored decentralized and encrypted, when you download the system files are split into parts and are protected with deep encryption. You can use proxies and create back-up data by selecting several Artists.

Registration is not required: to login use addresses (wallets). All users are anonymous and equal.

In addition to the standard functionality of cloud-based storage offers the possibility of direct distribution of digital content with support for copyright protection. Film studios and recording labels, photographers, sponsors educational programs and other content providers will be able to work with customers directly, reducing costs for Commission and no middleman and reducing the price of the final product. When you download a file, you can set a fee for the download and the time stamps if necessary, will help to establish the right of ownership.

The system is built in such a way that all parties benefit: the customer is a quality product, the host – additional sales channel, the miners and the proxy reward for verifying transactions and data transfer, respectively.

In the framework of the ICO project intends to collect from 15 to 50 million dollars. These funds will be used to develop, test, and system start-up, setting up infrastructure and attracting Customers and providers. To operate the system will have the basic version (console application) and additional versions for mobile platforms.

The MASP token is produced on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, the issue is governed by the smart contract. MASP is a functional token: it is used to make a security Deposit when you sign of By the system. The price for one token MASP will be 0.35$. Payment can be made with Visa and Mastercard, as well as in BTC, LTC, ETH and DASH. The minimum transaction is $35, the upper strap is missing.

Along with the typical means of payment will also take tokens Siacoin (SC) and Storj (STORJ). They will exchange at the current market price on tokens of the project (1 MASP = $0/35). «We want those who are already familiar with decentralized data storage, was able to discover a new approach to the already known concept,» says Alexander Rakhmanov, the founder of the

Number of tokens MASP that can be purchased in the framework of the ICO, is not limited, but the additional issue is not performed. After graduating from ICO, a token will be placed on the exchanges. As a token of MASP necessary for the functioning of the system, its development will promote growth of demand for the token, and hence increase its value.

Investors who purchase tokens during the first two weeks of ICO will receive bonuses. During the first day (24 hours) since the start of the sale bonus will be 25%, from 2 days to 11 — 15%, 12th to 14 day — 10%.

More information about the project can be found on the official website and Twitter of the project.

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