Massachusetts has banned the holding of five ICO

Of the company Across Platforms, Sparkco, Pink Ribbon, Mattervest and 18 Moons received this week notification from the Secretary of Massachusetts, William Gavin (William Gavin), which set out the allegations of violation of financial laws and the actions they should take to avoid further prosecution. At the end of last year, this politician became known for having warned
investors about the risks of bitcoin.

The company Across Platforms (Clickable TV) – analytical and the television company that tried to run ICO, supported by innovative advertising platform in the blockchain. Clickable TV wanted to give customers the opportunity to spend their tokens to purchase the company’s products or for further trafficking to markets. Shortly thereafter, the company received a summons on the violation of the securities act of the state, since it had not registered the ICO. Across Platforms agreed to return to investors the funds and immediately terminate the ICO.

18 Moons also tried to hold the ICO to issue token Coins Planet Kids (PKC), for which he received the same notice in which the company was accused of issuance of unregistered securities.

Mattervest positioned itself as a company that explores and analyzes tocancel. According to the notification that the platform is also received, it is accused of supporting the operation of the site, which lists the various ICO that «allowed people to participate in the ICO and to invest in those campaigns that otherwise would be unavailable to them». In fact, the company promoted the sale of unregistered securities and has ceased all its activities.

Company Pink Ribbon was organized by one person and had only a page on Facebook, where he said about the ICO, which aims «to support women and families facing financial problems in the treatment of cancer.» The company planned to produce 26 million coins to keep 8 million, to transfer 8 million to families in need, and then divide the 10 million equally between miners and investors. After issuing the notice, the page has been deleted, and collection suspended.

And the last company that received notice – Sparkco. She also tried to hold the ICO and did not give up his attempts after notification, simply prohibiting the access of investors from the United States.

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