Mastercard plans to patent 30 on blockchain developments

Payment system Mastercard intends to patent 30 own development on the basis of technology of blockchain, said the head of Russian representation Mastercard Alexey Malinovsky.

According to him, the company is carefully studying the possibilities of technology, distributed registries, including its perspective in the organization of payments. Malinowski called the technology interesting and stressed that the company is following the developments in this field.

«Mastercard has applied for over 30 patents related to the use of technologies of the distributed registries in the payment field. In addition, there are some ecosystem around us. We are very closely watching what is happening in the field of blockchain technology» – he said.

For developers already available two APIs Mastercard on the blockchain: the Blockchain is the Core API and Smart Contracts API, allowing to work with smart contracts and distributed registry.

In addition to conducting their own development, Mastercard also maintains a small company that is studying the blockchain. In particular, the payment system has invested in the venture holding the Digital Currency Group and startup accelerator Start Path.

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