Max Keiser: bitcoin Price will reach $100,000 for the investment of George Soros

Popular «anti-establishment» investor, journalist, economic activist and host of the show at The Keizer Report on the channel Russia Today Max Keiser (Max Keiser) commented on the situation, as well as some of the political aspects around the cryptocurrency. Kaiser promotes the idea of bitcoin since 2011, and earned his glory.

Throughout time, many eminent figures of the financial world have expressed extremely negative statements about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Max Keiser commented on some of the latest:

«Inefficient investment and the uneven distribution of capital — because of the lack of true capitalism — has created in the currently unstable economy bubble that artificially inflated the prices of shares, bonds, property and art.

The real bubble is not bitcoin or gold — it is primarily the dollar, which overloads the global economy, creating wealth and imbalance of income, environmental Holocaust, and now the war.»

According to these allegations, the powerful and influential figures just to protect their power. One example can be the statements of Soros, which caused the fall of bitcoin, and later it was announced
the willingness to invest in digital assets.

This situation Max Keiser explained very simple:

«The major economists, such as Roubini (Roubini), Paul Krugman (Paul Krugman) and the like, will always be opposed to bitcoin as a cryptocurrency defies every page they read in Economics textbooks. Don’t expect anything different from them, just ignore them.»

Keyser further commented on the actions of George Soros:

«George Soros may try to «monopolize» the market of bitcoin. For it will not be no problem finding sufficient capital in order to accumulate a huge position in bitcoins. And if the situation will develop is so, then the price will be much higher batocina-existent at the moment. So, I think my prediction about 100 thousand dollars, which I first announced back in 2011, will probably be performed at the Pampa by George Soros»

According to Kaiser, the situation on the market is merely a coincidence between the natural behavior of the market and the influx of large investors.

On the question of future value of bitcoin, Max said as always pretty optimistic:

«I have always said that the price will exceed $100 thousand. To understand exactly when this will happen – it is necessary to analyze the current trend, and then you will get the idea of when bitcoin will overcome the mentioned frontier».

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