Maxim Akimov: convert crypto currency to Fiat is threatening the economy of the Russian Federation

Convert cryptocurrencies into Fiat money will have a negative impact on the Russian economy, but the release of tokens to raise funds in start-UPS is acceptable, said the first Deputy head of the government of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov.

«It seems to me that the world of cryptocurrencies is waiting for a stabilization period after the rapid uncontrolled growth, – said Ivan. – Think it right that the Russian government has taken a careful, moderate stance, not allowing to make our economy a global «sandbox» for laundering criminal funds. Everyone understands that if we allow the conversion of cryptocurrencies to Fiat money, it will have dire consequences for the entire socio-economic system. However, in the sphere of funding startups issue tokens, digital bond is applicable and effective.»

Akimov added that this year will be created the legal framework for the treatment of cryptocurrencies in Russia.

«There is a fork in the road and we will pass them with experts», – he said.

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