Medvedev: EEU countries should develop a common approach to cryptocurrency

States of the EAEU should not be confined within the national model in the application of scriptaction – need to bridge the gap between the countries of the Union in this matter, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the forum «the Digital agenda in the era of globalization».

He urged attentive to paying cryptocurrencies in the national model, because the economies of the EAEU member States too closely related.

«It will be impossible to implement these principles within a country, we need to reconcile our approaches at the level of the Union,» he said.

According to Medvedev, scriptactive should be considered in the framework of the international Convention.

«Otherwise, all this will be a completely different perspective to develop and will not look understandable and legitimate,» – said the Prime Minister. He noted the need to synchronize the efforts in this area of the EAEU countries.

Medvedev also invited the leaders of the EEU is to create a space of e-confidence and to develop the exchange of data, which includes identity services, authorization, digital archive.

«Ultimately we will be able to issue certificates to citizens of one country to another in digital format. In this direction it is possible to apply the technology of the blockchain, because in fact the blockchain is the technology of mutual trust», – said the Russian Prime Minister.

The establishment of a system of data exchange of machine-readable Medvedev called an element of the digital platform for the countries of the EEU.

«This is a platform that includes services of standard information that can be used for the exchange of information, legally relevant protocols between private companies, he said. – It is necessary to build the GIS services which will simplify the control over the transportation and traceability of goods. Such tools will create the outline of our interaction. But, of course, have to agree on the standards, the connection between national solutions. We are your competencies ready to provide, to all our friends and partners in virtually free of charge».

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