Meet Rentberry – Your Decentralized Home Rental Partner

Right from the developer to the tenant, the rental industry is rife with a lot of problems. These problems are now gone for good, thanks to Rentberry.

What is Rentberry?

With the blockchain technology, Rentberry provides both sides of the rental industry a long-term renting platform that ensures all-time, updated, and solution-focused rental experience to tenants and landlords. It also ensures security for tenants and removes all the third parties that mare the rental process.

With over 220K properties and more than 120K users, Rentberry was incorporated in 2015 and raised $4M in seed funding. The company hopes to capture the rental industry by 2030, which is currently rife with a whole lot of problems.

The key features of Rentberry

A crowdsourced solution

Tenants can save $500bn that are blocked in rental security deposits by allowing members of the Rentberry community to fund tenant’s security deposit and in return receive interest rate.

Seamless application process

Rentberry has a well-built application process that gives tenants and landlords the freedom to easily apply, negotiate, and customize their preferences. It also makes sure that the price of properties listed reflects true market prices.

An excellent, Decentralized technology

Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, Rentberry’s platform provides self-verifying, immutable agreements that ensure accountability in the rental industry. All agreements are pre-entered and verified through Ethereum’s solidity program, giving tenants and landlords seamless, all-time information about the rental sector.

The able team

Rentberry is made up of an excellent group of real estate experts, ethereum developers, blockchain programmers, and many other big names in marketing, business, and real estate investment. This team oversees the operation of the company and carves a new path for its future progress.

Advantages of Rentberry

  • An established, uniform standard in the international real estate ecosystem
  • Agent/broker relationship will be eliminated.
  • Provides a long-term rental solution to landlords and tenants.

Rentberry token sale

Rentberry’s token sale can be purchased in either Ethereum or Bitcoin. The Instrument of the sale will be the crypto of rentberry called BERRY, and a total of $30 million USD will be raised.

The funds from the token sale will be spent like this: 20 percent on marketing, 15% on acquisition and partnerships, 12.5% on expanding the company internationally, and 10 percent on operations and administration. Development and legal funding will take 10% total.

Join the ICO sale now.

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