Meetup “Fundamentals of the blockchain and the ICO” will be held in Moscow on 20 April

April 20 in Moscow will be held a master class “Basics of the blockchain and ICO”. This is a meetup for those who have a very superficial understanding of kryptonyte and wants to understand it. The speakers will talk about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO in simple language and will share their experience.

The speakers included practice working with projects kriptonyte, as well as professional speakers, speakers on international platforms and popularizing the technology of the blockchain around the world.

The theme of the event:

  • The History Of The Blockchain

  • The technical aspects of the bitcoin blockchain

  • Mining and its prospects

  • Examples of existing coins with graphs and story about their technology

  • Methods for storing digital assets

  • ICO

  • Which projects don’T need to ICO?

  • ICO Legal

  • Basics of trading

  • Location: Bersenevskaya nab. 6с3, Divorcee

    To see the full event programme and register on the website.

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