Meetup of Cyberfund 12 December in St. Petersburg: the authenticated data structure for the blockchain

On Tuesday 12 December there will be another blockchain meetup from Сyber•Fund in Saint-Petersburg, Kazanskaya, 7. In the event you can hear about the blockchain from experts and leading specialists in this field, discuss pressing issues, and just a good time.

Meetup will take place on 12 Dec at 19:30.

Speaker: Alexander Chepurnoy, co-founder of the ERGO PLATFORM.

Subject: Authenticated data structure for the blockchain

About the report:

  • authenticated data structures and their use in the construction of the blockchain and the applications;

  • simple structures (hash chains or Merkle trees) and more complex (AVL+ trees or prefix-trees) used in Ethereum;

  • examples of the use of light clients in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ergo, alternative total customers in the Ergo and electronic voting systems.

Admission is free with advance registration.

It is possible to connect to the online broadcast of the meeting, ask questions in telegram channel of the event: @cyberspb

The link to the online stream will be published in groups of Facebook and VK.

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