Meetup of Cyberfund 13 February in St Petersburg: Oracles for blockchains. Platform overview Exonum

On Tuesday 27 February will be another blockchain meetup from Сyber•Fund in St. Petersburg, this time at the ITMO University, Tchaikovsky, 11 K. 2. In the event you can hear about the blockchain from experts and leading specialists in this field, discuss pressing issues, and just a good time.

Speaker: Alexei Sidorov, Core Developer, Exonum

Subject: Oracles for blockchains. Platform overview Exonum

About the report:

  • why do you need the oracles for blockchain;
  • the types of oracles;
  • example implementations of oracles in various blockchains;
  • implementation of oracles in Exonum.

Admission is free with advance registration.

Will be organized online broadcast of the event. Link to the stream will be posted a couple of days before the telegram channel of the event: @cyberspb

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