Meetup of Cyberfund April 10 in St. Petersburg: Crypto-owls on Exonum

On Tuesday 10 April will be another blockchain meetup from Сyber•Fund in Saint-Petersburg, Kazanskaya, 7. In the event you can hear about the blockchain from experts and leading specialists in this field, discuss pressing issues, and just a good time.


  • Ilya Bogdanov, Rust Developer, Exonum

  • Alexey Sidorov, Core Developer, Exonum

Topic: Crypto-owls on Exonum

The project team Exonum will lead a workshop that will show you how to write auction Exonum — framework for private blockchains.

To make the workshop as interesting as possible, they have prepared a truly crypto-owls, which you can trade in the demo version of the auction. Also try to deploy together with members of the distributed network of the blockchain.

The core of the framework written in the programming language Rust, the front-end part using JavaScript.

For all who wish to participate in the practical part of the request to take the meetup laptops.

Admission is free with advance registration. Check each meetup you need to go again.

More information about the event can be found on the website.

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