Meetup of Cyberfund March 27 in St. Petersburg: Not as smart contracts

On Tuesday 27 March will be another blockchain meetup from Сyber•Fund in Saint-Petersburg, Kazanskaya, 7. In the event you can hear about the blockchain from experts and leading specialists in this field, discuss pressing issues, and just a good time.

Speaker: Alexander Chepurnoy, co-founder, Ergo Platform

Subject: Not-so-smart contracts: dilemma dilemma

About the report:

Bitcoin gave us not only money with no Central Bank, but also embedded in the programmable logic of money: for the first time ever in a digital analogue of coins of arbitrary denomination to embed a script in a scripting language a Bitcoin Script, which will decide whether to spend the coin or not. In this session we will consider some popular solutions in Bitcoin Script, and describes the limitations of language. These restrictions were the cause of the Ethereum project with its pseudo-«Turing-complete» contracts. Along with great opportunities come great challenges, which will be detailed and will be offered ways to empower Bitcoin Script without the appearance of additional problems.

Special bonus: (not so) smart papers.

Admission is free with advance registration.

It is possible to connect to the online broadcast of the meeting, ask questions in telegram channel of the event: @cyberspb

The link to the online stream will be published in groups of Facebook and VK.

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